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All My Mother's Lovers

All My Mother's Lovers

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A unique meditation on the universality and particularity of family ties and grief, and a tender and biting portrait of sex, gender, and identity, All My Mother's Lovers challenges us to question the nature of fulfilling relationships.

That said, after she finds the letters, Maggie realizes perhaps she knew far less about her parents’ relationship than she thought. So Maggie embarks on a road-trip to deliver the letters in person, viewing this as her last chance to understand Iris better, with whom her relationship has been fraught for years. All My Mother’s Lovers is engaging, and confident, and often wry, but it unfortunately does not satisfyingly resolve the mysteries we readers want solved. Giving this three stars largely because the acknowledgements at the end were so lovely and thoughtful.

Where the novel kicks into gear is when Maggie finds, with her mother’s will, a collection of five sealed letters written by Iris with a request they “be sent out in the case of her untimely death.

Maggie very much is trying to figure out who she is as a person still and how that role might change now that she lost her mother.

year old Maggie Kraus has had a strained relationship with her mother Iris ever since she told her parents that she was lesbian. It dawns on Maggie that whatever else her mother was…Iris was strong, and her strength felt like a kind of protection between Maggie and the world, even long after moving out and having her own life. When that parent dies before the child understands their mother or father to be an independent, complex human being, separate from themselves, the answers revealed after death can turn the person they are grieving into someone they only recognize in part. such an interesting premise that was unnecessarily prolonged by insignificant details and that was further dragged down by uninspiring prose.

Maggie and Iris, the daughter and mother that sit at this novel’s heart, are both indelible, with a bond that not even death can demolish. As she sets to work, she discovers her mother’s will and five envelopes addressed to men she has never before heard of. This ambitious, deft, compassionate debut novel finds eternal truths in a very contemporary story: that even those we care for most remain mysteries to us, that our judgments of others' lives are always inadequate, that love demands heroism. Do you ever finish a book and you love so many things about it, but when it comes to putting your thoughts into coherent sentences you come up short? i usually have a hard time feeling the connection between characters when their relationship has already been established before the book starts, but it worked really well in the case of maggie and lucia.I want to say something about the ultimate centering of queer/ace/poly relationships among older characters, since that was special to read, but I don’t really have much to add on that front other than it was cool to read a bad book that still decently explored such an array of queer identities — may have been the first book I’ve read with an ace character! Currently, she is a doctoral student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she also serves as the assistant nonfiction editor for Prairie Schooner. Just as the story was actually going somewhere and characters started to feel more developed and mature the ending ruined it all.

They’re Iris’s lovers, of course — a revelation that sends Maggie into a petulant tailspin, as she gets high and drunk with strangers and rants her disapproval at more than one of Iris’s paramours.Maggie is a member of the “LGBTQIA2S+” community with an awareness of the privilege of being a “native English speaker with a flat accent,” and a name “signaling whiteness” — all of which casts an exciting, fresh, contemporary character, who still unfortunately falls into clichés of plot. After imploring her dad to "be nice" to people in her absence, she then goes right to her mother's first lover's house and after finding out that he and her mom had an affair, proceeds to berate this man in his own home and in front of his son. Maggie and Lucia felt like the author was ticking off the boxes of what queer life looks like for the 25-35 set in the Trump years. Intimacy has always eluded twenty-seven-year-old Maggie Krause—despite being brought up by married parents, models of domestic bliss—until, that is, Lucia came into her life. With a character so woke, it feels oddly surprising when the plot falls into formulaic pits, most notably exemplified in a trip to an omniscient psychic who could easily exist on the Disney Channel.

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