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By Fate I Conquer

By Fate I Conquer

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sure, it can work in some very few, rare books, but it didn't for me here; however, i grew to adore this pairing as i kept reading with the direction their relationship went into. Amo really fell had and I was happy about that bc he really didnt shy away and like I said was willing to risk it all for her just from one meeting. That one sentence that referred to Amo having 'angry sex' with his wife sounded way more passionate than him spending hours patiently tasting and lapping at Greta's pussy.

The only reason why I didn’t really mind the cringe smut, was because I don’t think any of Cora’s book have great sex scenes to begin with.Greta in NYC, pls I loved that she had dinner with the Vitiellos, and that she met Cara and Grown and their kids. Their relationship/story had a cute, but hard tumultuous beginning; easy, but hard development at the same time. I'm positive that the scene where Amo proposes to Greta understanding full well that he forfeits his right to become a capo was meant to make the impressionable young ladies swoon and even though I'm indeed young and a lady, I didn't. I wish Cora had given Kiara and Nino a daughter, everybody had more children in this book except them.

You are telling me he takes ows virginity, marries her, has angry sex (which he enjoys as well) with her, all while the h stays a v and will end up with him? It really meddles with the flow of the story when a character justifies and overexplains their thoughts/actions. With Greta being like her Uncle Nino (to be blunt: they both present with autism spectrum qualities), the build of a forced relationship with Amo would have been absolutly delicious, just like the building of Luca/Aria, Remo/Seraphina, Gianna/Matteo, Val/Dante, and Anna/Santino's relationships were delicious.I guess we all had our own theories on how this story could've unfolded, this was one of the most anticipated books, the son and daughter of beloved couples together. She’s unique, a woman that is very loyal and super strong in her own way—a way that some people may not understand, but that is very noticeable as you read the story. I simply cannot contain my excitement for his story with Aurora - who, by the way, seems like such a cutie. Well if you’ve read Greta as a child then you’ll understand that she is some what like her uncle Nino a bit.

Sinceramente el primer libro de la serie que me ha ENCANTADOOOO, adoro esta pareja y su Forbbiden Romance es TODO 😭❤️‍🔥. Cressida thought if Greta couldn’t have kids that Amo wouldn’t want Greta anymore but he wants Greta no matter what. However, the moments between the main characters felt shallow and the meet/ups didn’t evoke a sense of giddiness or excitement on my part unlike another author’s work about forbidden/star-crossed romances.Amo Vitiello, future capo of New York, has always longed for a marriage like his parents, respect, mutual admiration and love, but he has great responsibilities on his shoulders, he will be the future capo of the New York Famiglia, he knows that when he marries, it will have to be an arranged marriage that will benefit the organization, that much is clear to him, until he mistakenly meets her in her pink tutu. Greta and Amo fell in love after meeting just twice, and it was love at first sight for both of them because he found her attractive, and she felt her body tingling for the first time- 🥱 yeah. Spoiler: he is married - eventually, and I’m not ready for that kinda rollercoaster) but I know myself and I seem to really be into emotional torture so I’ll probably read it: so just do me a favour and tell me he’s not a manwho douche just like the rest of the guys from the previous 5/6 books by Cora. When the two become locked in a safe room, they begin a friendship that turns into a young, immature love kept in the shadows. Maximus was such a surprise for me—I loved him and his humor, and he's definitely the best friend Amo could have.

It was three years of waiting, but the long awaited book by Amo Vitiello and Greta Falcone finally arrived and I can say that this book was a roller coaster of emotions between tense, fun and passionate moments. It was right there for him to take, but no Amo really gave me blue balls and waited til he could marry Greta to deflower her. Right of the bat Amo is hooked on Greta I mean man was really a goner for her but honestly that’s not saying much in coras books he was sweet and probably the most loved out hero written by her if you want more devoted hero’s from Cora then you might like that change if you don’t. Luca Vitiello is very clear about one thing, after his daughter Marcella's marriage to Maddox he can't keep breaking the rules, or the traditionalists in the Famiglia will get more upset.I was surprised to see who Maximus's lover was in the book, but I am so excited to see the snippet that I did. Nevio/Aurora By Frenzy I Ruin-I thought Aurora’s crush on Nevio was cute and that he played dolls with her. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. The male narrator’s version of Luca was too forced stereotypical New Yorker compared to all the other books he’s featured in. Only Amo could calm the chaos in Greta's head, and only Greta could bring a genuine smile to Amo's face that overshadowed the gloom of his role in the mafia.

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