Eyes on Me (Salacious Players' Club)

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Eyes on Me (Salacious Players' Club)

Eyes on Me (Salacious Players' Club)

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I really enjoyed seeing an extremely accurate depiction of functional depression with major depression episodes. I get it, she’s an exhibitionist but I didn’t like them coming back together in front of 30+ people! Also, the heroine claiming to be in love with stepbrother before the events of the books started taking place was one bit I didn't like too much.

If you’re running a sex club that is queer inclusive (which is explicitly stated multiple times in book one! Even though she doesn't realize Drake she's been chatting online with is someone a lot closer to her than she thought. This was incredibly sexual but it also touched on heavier topics as well and done in a way that felt natural and right.

I seriously am riding a high, and writing this review and rereading quotes has me already wanting to reread it. He is a bit more reticent (as he should be since he's the older one) but it's still very much like a trope checklist, not something that gets dwelled on much. I was crying at the end of this and I was stunned that this sexy little voyeur tale had so much more to give. Garrett is a broken man who has his many issues and it broke my heart to learn he’s been suffering in silence all these years, the only thing to calm the mania inside his head has been Mia. He can't stop himself from talking to her through a private chat and now he is too curious to make it a one-time thing.

I’m fine with reading anything and everything, and not a lot makes me squirm, but stepfamily relations make me squirm.poor Mia but it works out for her and Garrett when they go home but Gar has some secrets he never came clean about and it does some damage and makes Mia lose trust in him for abit. He has been silently dealing with depression and although he was the fun guy, the people person, inside he felt alone. These two sorts disliked eachother but secretly wanted eachother at first it was Mia who was the first to have w crush and fall head over heels but knew it couldn’t happen so she choose the bratty sassy root making sure those walls were up and we for Garrett he started when he saw her on a cam app. When Garrett accidentally discovers his younger stepsister, Mia, is a camgirl, it puts her in an entirely new light for him. I love that Mia is a camgirl, not something I have seen in a book before, so that originality was amazing.

It repeats Praise’s issue of “ooh look your boyfriend is being distant, just use a queer woman to make him jealous! I really loved how this book took a peek behind the curtain of mental illness as well, especially from the MC's pov.And it sounded like a lot of things that really work for me— age gap, taboo relationship, voyeur/exhibitionist kink, D/s, and the heroine is a cam girl! A lot of the qualities which lend themselves to the whole voyeur thing just don't jive all that well with my personal romance tastes. Eyes On Me (such a catchy name) tells Garret's story and how he suddenly finds out his stepsister Mia is a cam girl. Until he stumbles on a cam girl app and finds himself watching the one person he should stay far away from: his step-sister, Mia Harris.

Being a cam girl made her feel empowered and it also gave her the opportunity to connect with someone. This book has a lot of themes, which Sara details before it begins, and I just wanted to say how well written it is <3. I mean, he’s known her since she was eight, they are 13 years apart and she still lives at home with them.He would not have been on antidepressants if he had bpd, he’s be on lithium because antidepressants do not work on BPD. I appreciated the representation of a hero with depression, though I would have like to see it discussed earlier and more throughout the book and not just at the last 80% of it. This started so kinky but the emotional road we travelled led us to the most intimate place that was both painful and beautiful. Mia has been in love with Garrett since she knew what love was, and she’s always assumed he hates her but little did she know all he’s been doing is protecting her from seeing his darkness. I stopped a bit after they actually had sex, but this is by no means a slow burn since they get sexual within the first 10% of the book and then have a sex scene every other scene.

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