Bandai Hobby HG IBO Gundam Vidar IBO: 2nd Season Building Kit (1/144 Scale)

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Bandai Hobby HG IBO Gundam Vidar IBO: 2nd Season Building Kit (1/144 Scale)

Bandai Hobby HG IBO Gundam Vidar IBO: 2nd Season Building Kit (1/144 Scale)

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Two years after the battle of Edmonton, Gaelio, under the alias Vidar, pilots the Gundam Vidar that is equipped with the Alaya-Vijnana Type-E. This pseudo Alaya-Vijnana System contains the remaining brain of Ein and his Alaya-Vijnana system. Thanks to Ein's brain in the system, Gaelio can utilize the Gundam Vidar's full power without the adverse effects associated with using the Alaya-Vijnana System. Gaelio sometimes speaks of the Gundam Vidar as if it is his fallen friend Ein due to this.

To obtain the "Unmasked" variant of the Montag AI Pilot in Gundam Breaker Mobile, players must build it from event blueprints during a limited time when it is available as a build project. This is resource-intensive process, as each part requires a combination of twelve total Material which can only be obtained by rolling the current gacha capsules on specific weeks to get the number of necessary material for the part. it would take at least twelve rolls over four weeks to craft the AI. Most of the products shown are beingcolored manually, there may be some uneven colorings. Color and form of the product may differ from the actual product and what is seen on screen depending on monitor settings. Some product imagesshown may be in development stage. They may differ from the actual products. A high-speed rotating disk fired electromagnetically from a pair of launchers concealed in the shoulder armor, a single charge allows the firing of three disks. [3] [6] The slash disk can tear apart Nanolaminate Armor and is made of the same rare metal used in mobile suit frame. [3] Special Equipment & Features [ ] A highly versatile rifle that can be used in any range, it is stored on the side of the side armor when not in use. [1] It is manufactured by Gjallarhorn's development department, and is in test operation when adopted by Gundam Vidar. [1]

A lance-shaped mace designed for anti-ship combat, it has a telescopic handle. [8] Special Equipment & Features [ ] Almiria Bauduin - McGillis' nine-year old fiancee. Part of an arranged marriage between the Fareed and Bauduin families. McGillis admires her cuteness as a little girl, but he doesn't seem to like the fact that he has to soon marry a nine-year old girl and he is probably doing it for family reasons. However, knowing he must marry her, he has a charming affection and perhaps a true love for Almiria, calling her "the finest among all ladies" and telling her to forget the fate they will face together as a couple. Despite McGillis' affection for her, he still sees her somewhat as a chess piece for his machinations because he will become the sole heir to the Bauduin family through her after killing Gaelio. McGillis Fareed is polite, courteous, and can be considered even charming, but he can be very serious about his work, which makes him seem cold-hearted to those who don't know him personally. He is analytical and thoughtful, and usually more reserved and serious than his friend Gaelio Bauduin, but he will have an occasional cheeky smile and does have a sense of humor. He has a habit of fiddling with his bangs when he thinks.

Following the battle, Julieta watches on as repairs are being done to her Reginlaze Julia. Stressed over losing to Amida, Julieta isn't sure how to get stronger. Yamazin then suggests that Julieta may have to quit being human to become stronger and fight equally with the devil, which angers Julieta as that would go against the principles of Gjallarhorn. Before their conversation can continue, Yamazin leaves to oversee Reginlaze Julia's repairs as Julieta ponders her words. While returning to his ship, Gaelio comes across the damaged remains of Julieta's mobile suit and rescues her. He apologizes to Rustal for failing to defeat McGillis, but is assured that a plan is in motion to handle the rebels. He then visits Julieta in the medical bay, where he is chided for not visiting her sooner. After hearing her resolve to get stronger as a human, a smiling Gaelio approves of her decision. Gaelio later joins Rustal and Iok in planning how to deal with Tekkadan. Dropped by the boss of Irregular Mission (Hard mode enabled): The Son Who Rules the Heavens (Directory 6) McGillis's English voice actor Steve Cannon, previously voiced Seabook Arno, Shiro Amada, and Banagher Links, the protagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam F91, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, respectively, making him the only voice actor to play both a protagonist and a Char clone.

Located on the rear skirt armor, the holders of the Bael Swords employ moving arms to minimize the time needed to draw the swords. [1] [2] An Electromagnetic Cannon is built into each thruster wings, for a total of two such weapons. [1] [5] [7] Meant for restricting enemy movements, these ranged weaponry are fired from the top aperture on the side of the wings. [8] [5] [7] Bael was stored in Gjallarhorn's headquarters, Vingolf, until it was awakened by McGillis Fareed. [1] [2] The mobile suit remained unchanged during its long slumber, so its frame structure, as well as its armaments, are as they were when Agnika was the pilot. [1] [2] The emblem on its left shoulder is a symbol of Gjallarhorn at the time of the organization's formation. [1] [2] Armaments [ ]

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